About Us

Taunalee and Teresa Clark are a mother and daughter team who are blessed to share many of the same passions. Between the two of us we claim fifty-five direct line Utah pioneer ancestors. When you add in all the extended family the impact this heritage has on us is pretty overwhelming! Is it any wonder we feel called to share our home-spun sensibility with the world? We are firmly dedicated to the belief that family events, special occasions, and homes everywhere can be filled with beauty and joy without breaking the family budget. The core values of our pioneer ancestors of faith, thrift, and industry permeate everything we create.

Taunalee's liberal arts degree from BYUI with an emphasis in Home & Family Living, Music, and Literature is the perfect representation of who she is. A singer/songwriter who is passionate about her family and sharing that love with families everywhere, Taunalee spent a semester in Europe touring literary sites and gardens, staying at numerous B&B's, singing in cathedrals, and researching and walking in the footsteps of her ancestors. Add to that her experiences in the culinary arts through numerous college courses, working in professional kitchens, and receiving hospitality training from Disney, and BYU's Aspen Grove and it's pretty easy to see she loves providing hospitality through location and experience. She believes nature and the simple things in life hold magnificent power for lifting and healing the wounded heart. Her love of her heritage, her country, and God run deep in all she does.

Teresa's liberal arts degree from BYUI with an emphasis in History, Writing, and Sewing with a special track in LDS religious instruction is the perfect representation of who she is. A national award-winning storyteller who is passionate about using story as a vehicle for the Spirit to turn and heal hearts, Teresa has spent over twenty years practicing her craft with at-risk-youth, women, the aged, and families wherever she's been needed. She especially delights in wilderness settings and providing a disconnect from the static of life so participants can reconnect with the stories within their own souls. Her love for all of God's children is evidenced by the many years she has served as an advocate of story on the local, regional, and national level. Add to that the titles of teaching artist, event producer, published author, and passionate historical researcher and it's pretty easy to see she loves turning hearts through story both as a performer and educator.

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