Mission Statement

With homespun sensibility and a passion for the builders of the home we plan to:

  ~ Provide goods and services through The Boyer House website that honor the activities and crafts of yesterday today.  

  ~ Preserve the historical value of the Julia Ann & John Sell Boyer Home.

·   ~ Provide ongoing unique experiences celebrating the pioneer heritage of Springville City.

·    ~ Assure the business run from the structure honors and promotes the strong pioneer ethics embodied in the lives of the builders of the home.

·    ~ Give Springville City a gemstone property that honors its history.

·    ~ Create an end destination, arts friendly, establishment that will increase tourism to Springville City.

·    ~ Bring attention to the Springville City Historic District.

·    ~ Infuse fresh enthusiasm for the efforts and programs of the Springville Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

·  ~ Establish a tangible location for rotating Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts events.

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